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Why choose ABEL®-MAX of Knight Scientific?

ABEL®-Max contains a rich blend of powerful antioxidants & polyphenols known as

The four potent natural ingredients have been formulated in our laboratory in such a way as to maximise the antioxidant activity of the mixture and design positive synergy into the formulation. What this means is that each mg of ABEL-MAX, as a complete entity, delivers more ABEL®-RAC units per mg than the sum of the ABEL®-RAC mg scores of its constituent parts. Synergy between the different ingredients can be quantified and used to reproduce an identical product batch to batch.

Our method of formulation requires us to quantify the activity of each ingredient separately and adjust the formulation for each new batch. This rigorous approach enables us to reproduce the efficacy of the product perfectly batch to batch and ensure that the body is able to utilise the mixture in repeatable and predictable ways.

ABEL®- RAC Explained

The ABEL®- RAC (Relative Antioxidant Capacity) scale is the most accurate way to measure and compare ingredients and finished products for their ability to withstand attack by a range of different kinds of free radicals and other highly reactive oxidants. ABEL®-RAC measures the way the active ingredients in these four plant extracts work, not just the amount of the particular active ingredients (which we also measure) that are in the product. It improves on older testing methods that only give an indication of the strength. The ABEL®- RAC score shows us exactly how strong every milligram of ABEL®-MAX is. We use this quality system to guarantee our ingredients meet the highest quality standards and to ensure that every pack of ABEL®-MAX provides the same level of efficacy.

ABEL®-MAX contains a minimum of 400,000 ABEL®-RAC antioxidant units per mg at time of manufacture


Extracts of: Decaffeinated Green tea,

Grape seed, Pomegranate and Pine bark

capsule shell - Oxi-Zeal™ (Pullulan).

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.


Directions for use:

1 capsule twice a day for maintenance which can be increased to 2 capsules 2-3 times a day when extra immune function and anti-viral support is needed.

ABEL® (Analysis By Emitted Light) is a registered trademark of Knight Scientific Limited. Patents pending

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