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Knight Scientific is a world-leader in antioxidants, oxidative stress and measurement of free radicals and other reactive oxygen species (ROS) from living cells and materials. It develops and provides unique solutions for medical research, sports/performance (including horses and camels) natural product testing, pharmaceutical drug development, wellbeing testing and diagnostics applications.

Our products and testing services are sold all over the world, under the brand ABEL® which is an acronym for Analysis By Emitted Light. Most of these products contain Pholasin® the light-emitting protein that is an ultrasensitive reporter of many reactive oxygen species.

We offer a comprehensive range of assays as well as test kits for luminometer microplates and tube luminometers. These kits fall into two groups: antioxidant test kits for measuring antioxidant activity against a range of free radicals and non-radical reactive oxygen species (ROS) and Cell Activation test kits that measure real time production of ROS from living cells and materials; we also supply reagents. Our assays and kits are all based on our proprietary ABEL   technology and most incorporate the bioluminescent protein Pholasin®.

Unique products offered by Knight Scientific include:

  • ABEL Antioxidant test kits and applications for:

    • Superoxide

    • Hydroxyl radicals

    • Halogenated oxidants

    • Peroxynitrite

    • Peroxyl radical

    • Singlet oxygen

  • ABEL-RAC  (Relative Antioxidant Capacity) method:

    • quantifies antioxidant power per mass (usually mg) of ingredients and finished products

    • identifies and measures possible synergies between ingredients in formulations

    • measures performance of ingredients and products in different environments (i.e. solvents and pH)

    • measures the capacity of a test material or finished product to withstand attack by a range of different ROS (see list above); ABEL-RACô mg scores quoted for each ROS tested.

    • can be used directly in formulae

    • is used for standardising products and ingredients match perfectly, batch to batch.

  • ABEL-TAC   (Total Antioxidant Capacity) tests: Produces a score that can be used to compare antioxidant capacity of serum or plasma of humans and other animals against population norms as well as providing accurate individual scores, changes in which can be monitored over time. ABEL-TAC is useful in  managing individuals whose poor diet could be leading to development of type II diabetes.  It is an excellent method for dieticians and nutritionists to use in providing and substantiating professional advice.


  • ABEL® Cell Activation test kits:

    • Used to measure free radicals and other reactive oxygen species produced by living cells. The kits can also be adapted for use on biomaterials for biocompatibility studies, and human and animal tissues and organs.

    • ABEL® Cell Activation test kits can be used in applications to identify infections, often before there are any symptoms and monitor the response to therapeutic interventions (proof of cure). The test results can be used to Identifying viral infections distinct from bacterial infections.

    • ABEL-Sport test kits and associated analysis software: used by sports medical support teams, sports scientists, coaches and elite athletes to measure fatigue, prevent overtraining and for early detection of infection.

    • Equine-ABEL® for elite horses to identify fatigue, prevent over training, infection, inflammation and assess fitness to race.

    • Camel-ABEL®: special application has been developed for camels

  • ABEL® bespoke confidential applications for research

  • ABELmeter  Our ground-breaking luminometer perfect for all chemiluminescent assays in or out of the lab. Accurate, sensitive and highly portable.

  • P-sep  a patented and CE marked medical device for separating urine into first pass and mid-stream fractions during collection. The device is easy to use and can be reused for home use and use in care homes.

Knight Scientific ABEL   assays are so sensitive that they can extend the capabilities of even the highest specification instruments. Certain applications can run on 96- and 384-well microplates.

The performance of our portable tube luminometer, the ABELmeter   with associated application software, is unsurpassed by anything to our knowledge for sensitivity, reproducibility, robustness and the translation of light detected into light response curves.

We also offer bespoke confidential contract testing – contact us to discuss your requirements and to get a quote.

Whatever we can do to help we would be very happy to hear from you. Simply telephone +44 (0)1752 565676, email

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Knight Scientific exclusive world manufacturer of Pholasin® and ABEL kits. Leader in chemiluminescence and bioluminescence measurement of reactive oxygen species (ROS): superoxide, singlet oxygen, peroxynitrite, peroxyl radicals, hydroxyl radicals, halogenated oxidants. Oxidative stress, antioxidant tests against different ROS, unique ABEL-RAC method, measurement of viral and bacterial infections even without symptoms. Manage over training in human and equine sport. Measure urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted infections. 

 ABEL and Pholasin are registered trademarks of Knight Scientific Limited.

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