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COSMETICS manufacturers and formulators around the world rely on our expertise at Knight Scientific to help them save time and money, improve efficiency, and justify the advertising claims they make.

We could do the same for you.

Our unique ABEL tests can help you optimise formulations, confirm batch-to-batch uniformity, predict the shelf-life of ingredients and products, monitor manufacturing processes, and identify potential synergies between ingredients.
We do that by measuring the antioxidant and potential pro-oxidant capacity (using a variety of oxidant challenges) of your raw materials, ingredients and finished products, whether they’re solids or liquids, natural or synthetic, water or oil soluble, or even emulsions. And the results are highly reproducible and scientifically dependable.

You may also need help in substantiating the scientific basis of any marketing claims you make – an issue that can make the difference between success and failure if you’re not allowed to advertise its genuine benefits or USP. 

So if someone complains to the Advertising Standards Authority, we can supply the ASA’s expert with proof that the claim you’re making is backed by scientific rigour. 

Some leading cosmetics and nutraceuticals companies – and their suppliers – routinely use our tests for QA, QC and development, while others rely on us to do the tests for them.
Either way, our years of expertise and experience in research are making a difference to the way they work.

So if you’d like to know how we can help you, give us a call now on 01752 565676 or e-mail us at

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