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Free yourself from the laboratory with the ABELmeter™ go-anywhere luminometer!

Introducing ABELmeter™, a new luminometer, that is truly portable but with the accuracy of a laboratory instrument – revolutionary!
·         Single sample, tube luminometer
·         Runs all chemiluminescent assays
·         Fixed or programmable protocols
·         Graphic, real time, quantified kinetic responses
·         7 decades of dynamic range
·         No priming, no reagent waste
·         Sensitive, precise, reproducible
·         Lightweight, small footprint
·         Complete package – luminometer, accessories, consumables, software

Everything you would expect from a large laboratory luminometer in a versatile, portable configuration

Freedom. You do not have to do all your chemiluminescent assays in the same laboratory. With ABELmeter™ you can move from lab to lab, perform assays in the field or take the instrument on site visits. But this is not just a simple portable luminometer, it is a sophisticated instrument running fixed or programmable protocols. Kinetic response is shown graphically in real time. Reproducibility is so good that Knight Scientific invite you to run duplicate samples side by side and compare the results. The variable volume pipette means that no priming is required – and that means no waste of expensive reagents. The photomultiplier tube detects light down to a few photons per second. This sensitivity permits detection and quantification at new low concentration thresholds.
Runs all chemiluminescent assays especially Knight Scientific’s ABEL® Assays
·         ATP with luciferin/luciferase
·         NADPH oxidase (NOX2) the ‘respiratory burst’ of leukocytes using less than 1μL blood
·         Reactive oxygen species (ROS) with Pholasin®
·         Peroxidases including myeloperoxidase
·         Xanthine and hypoxanthine in ABEL® xanthine oxidase assay
·         Type specific antioxidant activity assays with ABEL® antioxidant kist
·         Toxicity (bioluminescent bacteria) with ABEL-Tox
·         Sample format:
·         Detector: Photomultiplier tube (PMT)
·         Measurement chamber:
·         Sensitivity:
·         Dynamic Range: 7 Decades
·         Interface: USB for laptop / PC
·         Power: Rechargeable batters, or 100-240V AC
·         Dimensions:
·         Weight:
·         Environmental:

Ordering Information
ABELmeter™ Basic package (includes charger, stand, injection pipette, light excluder, 50 tips, tube loader, 100 cuvettes, USB cable and ABELmeter software)

ABELmeter™ Basic package as above with notebook PC

ABELmeter™ Professional (basic package plus 3 additional variable volume pipettes, pipette rack, tube

ABELmeter™ Professional as above with notebook PC

***Please enquire about extra consumables***
To discuss your application, and requirements, to speak to our technical people or to place an order please contact us by your preferred method, phone +44 (0) 1752 565676, email, via the website or even by Twitter @ScienceKnights ABEL® (Analysis By Emitted Light) and Pholasin® are registered Trade Marks of Knight Scientific Limited.

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