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ABEL® Cell Activation Research Kits

ABEL® Cell Activation Test Kit for Whole Blood with Pholasin® and Adjuvant-K™


Principles of the kit:

Applies to the whole series

The kits contain the unique protein Pholasin® that emits light in the presence of free radicals and other non-radical reactive oxygen species (ROS). Measures activation of NADPH oxidase (NOX2) via receptors with fMLP as activator or direct activation of PKC when PMA is used. Pholasin®, does react with hydrogen peroxide but does react with peroxidase enzymes such as myeloperoxidase and in these reactions addition of hydrogen peroxide leads to intense luminescence. Adjuvant-K™ enhances the chemiluminescence of Pholasin® in assays with diluted whole blood.


• Can be used with diluted whole blood (no need to separate cells)

• Small sample volume (as low as 0.2µl equiv. whole blood or a few hundred cells).

• High sensitivity produces detailed kinetic data.

• Easy-to-use.

• Fast; assay is complete within 4-10 minutes (depending upon the animal specie)

• Excellent reproducibility.

• User-friendly PMA formulation eliminates the need for fume cupboards, masks & goggles.

• Identify cells that have been primed (using the receptor stimulant fMLP during infection

the luminescence response is very greatly enhanced)


A chemiluminescent whole blood test for measuring free radicals produced during the respiratory burst and degranulation. There are many applications; amongst others, the kits can:
• Identify if cells have been activated.
• Identify cells that may have been primed.
• Show enhanced luminescence response to the receptor stimulant fMLP during infection.
• Preview the way cells, circulating in the peripheral blood, are likely to respond at a site of inflammation.
• Identify abnormalities in the leucocytes of so-called ‘normal’ control subjects.
• Be used in drug assessment and discovery.
• Measure superoxide to fmol concentrations.
• Identify patients at greater risk of complications to surgical procedures or exposure to materials in medical devices such as those used in renal dialysis and cardiopulmonary bypass.
• Monitor the progress of an inflammatory disease or complication and the response of a patient to drug intervention. Show enchanced luminescence response during infection when activated with the receptor stimulant fMLP

Additional Applications:

• Use in the identification/differentiation of pre-symptomatic baterial/viral infections

• Use in ABEL® blood biocompatibility testing for screening of new materials, assessing coated materials for improved biocompatibility, motiroting of patients during dialysis, evaluating individual abnomalities for potential risk and determining immunological reactions of blod to devices prior to exposure.

• Use in non-human anial testing; previous experiments include mice, rats, pigs, horses, camels & insects (may require experimental adaptation)

• Use in the monitoring of blood samples or the effect of anti-inflammatory treatments via the magnitude for the light response from activated white blood cells.

• Use in Equine-ABEL® - testing for inflammation, infection, fatigue and stress, to provide information on the wellbeing of the aminal and the suitability for entry into equine sport.

• Use in ABEL-Sport™ - testing for identification of fatigure, overreaching and overtraining by measuring the response of activated white blood cells

• Use in ABEL-STI™ - testing or early identification of STIs and UTIs by measuring white blood cell activity in urine samples.

Product Specific Literature References:

Luminescent reactions of Pholasin® with isolated human leucocytes and diluted blood: J. Knight, et al.; Eur. J. Clin. Invest. 26, 207 A37 (1996)


A note about number of tests:

The pack size for the tube / cuvette format kits is shown as a range (e.g. 40-80 tests, 80-160 tests). The number of tests that can be performed with a kit is determined by the luminometer used. Instruments that require a 1ml sample volume will only allow the smaller number of tests, whilst those instruments with a sample size of 0.5ml will allow the higher number of tests to be performed.

Kit Formats

The kits are sold in either cuvette/tube luminometer formats of microplate format. These kits were developed for use with human blood but can be used for many different animals. If you are not using human blood but other animals such as birds, mice, rats, horses, camels etc then before purchasing please enqure. Some white blood cells of non-human animals do not respond to fMLP and others such as birds are stimulated in a different way.KSL will make bespoke kits to suit these different applications.

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