P-sep is a device for the collection of urine samples for clinical analysis.

P-sep is unique in that it allows the collection of both first-pass urine and mid-stream urine separately and at the same time; and without interruption to the flow of urine.

P-sep can be used with equal facility by male and female, young and old.

P-sep consists of three parts, the funnel, the ball and the tube.

Before use, the ball is placed in the tube and the funnel placed on the tube

A push and a click and P-sep is ready for use

(In the following demonstration the tube has been doped with a red dye)

Urine (in this case water) is passed into the funnel:

P-sep is now tilted to dispense the mid-stream urine into a container large enough to hold all the mid-stream urine

...and then further tilted to dispense the first pass- urine

The mid-stream urine is separated from the first-pass urine and is entirely free from first-pass urine

Both mid-stream and first pass urine are now ready for the laboratory.

P-sep (patent pending) is an invention from Knight Scientific LTD

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