ABEL® Antioxidant Test Kit for Singlet Oxygen with Special Pholasin®

ABEL® Antioxidant Test Kit for Singlet Oxygen with Special Pholasin®

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The kit contains the unique protein Pholasin® that emits light in the presence of free radicals such as singlet oxygen, produced using reagents included in the kit. Antioxidants in the sample will compete with Pholasin® for singlet oxygen, thereby reducing the light emission. The antioxidant capacity of the sample tested is expressed as the percentage reduction in peak light emission compared with controls. It is an excellent mens to determine the suitablility of materials as antioxidants with the potential to prevent lipid oxidation resulting fom singlet oxygen attack. This is also benificial in the context of edible oils.


Kit/Set Contains: Antioxidant Test Kit (Singlet Oxygen) with Special Pholasin® (Microplate Format) Kit components sufficient for 100 x 200µl tests. A. 2 x bottle special antioxidant Pholasin® (2.5mL reconstitution). Store at -20º, after reconstitution do not freeze, store at -4ºC. B. 1 x 25ml Reconstitution and Assay Buffer. Store at -20º. C. 1 x 5ml Singlet oxygen primer D. 2 x 2.5ml Singlet oxygen generator E. 1 x 25ml Buffer for Singlet oxygen generator F. 1 x 96 well white luminometer microplate G. 65 x 2ml microcentrifuge tubes H. 5 x 15ml centrifuge tubes

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